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¿Por qué es importante nuestro trabajo?


Prospera is proud to partner with Diane Edrington, Medical Director of Panama Missions. Her volunteer work in Panama began in 2000, providing assistance to people deep within the Darien province of Panama who lacked access to basic infrastructure, medical care, and medicine. As Medical Director, Diane now travels to Panama multiple times a year to provide care but also act as an advocate for indigenous perons's rights, coordinate events with the local departments of health, and partner with Panamanian and American military to provide emergency response in times of need.

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Panama Missions Medical focuses on three spheres of work: Humanitarian Stewardship, Healthcare Collaborations, and Education Outreach. Diane's dedication & commitment has undoubtedly saved lives but also opened doors for thousands. Current outreach includes cataract prescreening with MINSA, the First Lady of Panama, the University of Tennessee, and an English Learning Initiative for soldiers so they can expand their career opportunities. Prospera works together with Diane to coordinate logistics for physicians visiting Panama & provide soap at healthcare events.

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