Dónde trabajamos y quiénes somos

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Kimberly Howard

Fundadora y Directora Ejecutiva

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Raulino Peña Padilla

Coordinador de Areas Indigenas

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Maryuris Dalila Rios Salina

Administradora del sitio Metetí


Eulalio Miranda

Administradora del sitio Metetí

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Kaitlyn Parker

Profesor de Enfermería de SWAU


Liderazgo local


Prospera has created a handwashing education program called Bright Hands Bright Futures for teachers and local leaders in Pinogana, Cémaco, and Sambú to teach the importance of preventing infectious diseases.

In May of 2022, we set out to train three village teachers from Cémaco, providing them with all the supplies, materials, lessons, and resources they need to implement handwashing and ensure its comprehension in their classrooms.

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Edwin Rodriguez

Alcaldesa de Pinogana

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Isela Fogona

Alcalde de Cemáco

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Emiliano Dumasa

Alcalde de Sambú



Diane Edrington

Directora medica de misiones panama

Mark White

Directora medica de misiones panama

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Mark White

Directora medica de misiones panama


Alan Foster

Administración de Empresas SWAU, Asesor de ENACTUS